The hotel

The hotel was built in 1930 by architect Wilhelm van Eyck to resemble an Italian villa in order to impress foreign customers. Over the years the hotel has undergone a number of renovations and today visitors are once again met by a subdued air of Art Deco and early functional style architecture. This is now a warm, scaled down and calm environment, which is very close to the architect’s original idea.

Food & more

At Bofors Hotel we want to give you that little extra. Something more than just good food that fills you up. For us it’s important that your meal is an experience, where you and your dinner party are at the centre and able to relax from a hard day’s work, or an important part of your work. The kitchen is a classic blend of Swedish and French. With locally sourced ingredients, international inspiration and care for every ingredient we create seasonal menus, which are as surprising as they are classic.
Whether fine dining in our restaurant or dining in the more relaxed atmosphere of our Bistro, you can always count on well-cooked food to delight you.

Secluded and charming

We’re the region’s first choice for business guests with exacting standards in terms of comfort and efficiency. The rooms are spacious with enough room for working and relaxing (all rooms have flat-screen TVs, unlimited access to wireless internet and free parking with electricity sockets). Fine dining in our first class restaurant or more relaxed in our bistro – equally as good. Unwind in our relaxation room or shoot some pool. The hotel also has its own tennis courts and boules facilities. Karlskoga’s golf course is located just a few km from the hotel and Örebro Golf Club, which offers one of Sweden’s best courses, is only around 20 km away. A walk into the centre of Karlskoga is only around 1.5 km. Welcome to Bofors Hotel

Meetings that pay dividends

Meetings are crucial to Bofors Hotel. Our existence is all about meetings. The hotel was built in 1930 to impress a foreign customer and we only get one chance in our world. We know how important it is for everything to work and always to be on top. We’re the region’s international meeting place and our aim is to help our customers do better business.

Apart from the excellent facilities, equipment and service we also know that an important ingredient for a successful meeting is the surroundings. Over the years many crucial decisions were quite likely made in our wonderful reception rooms or at the dining table. For us dining is an important part of any meeting – not an interlude. We therefore work with the aim of creating the best possible conditions in which to keep meetings alive during the meal – although under relaxed conditions. The surroundings naturally also include a range of activities. We therefore work closely with a number of events companies nearby.


Meeting & Restaurant


Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us if you like to make a table reservation in the restaurant or are planing a meeting during your stay.

Phone: +46 (0)586-24 63 00